About Me

I have many loves and interests and take on a variety of projects to nurture my heart and soul.

I excel in all aspects of fitness and enjoy bringing all types of wellness to people. Performing, presenting and motivational speaking are just a few of my passions.

Inspiring people to move and think differently about their bodies, minds and health is my purpose.

Fitness and Wellness

  • Recipient of the Nato Special Service Medal and Command Team Commendation for service on Deployment.
  • Creative Director and Fitness Chair for Bust-a-Move for Breast Health
  • Recipient for the 2011 Halifax Progress Club Women of Excellence Award
  • Alumni: LuLulemon, Gymstick Master Trainer, Adidas Presenter
  • Can Fit Pro: PRO Trainer Continuing Education Provider and National Presenter
  • Creator of the Living Life Series Presentations
  • Creator of the Corporate Highway to Well Series

Tracy Cipryk Bio

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