Drumdance Group


We teach drum inspired classes, offer interactive experiences; and perform high energy  opening acts for corporate, social and charity events.

DrumDance logo (black on white) 5.21.39 PM

  • Drumdance Kick-Off is a twenty-minute high-energy interactive session of live drumming and participant sticking and dancing that will kick-start your event and get your guests on their feet. Includes an opening performance and a 15 minute interactive session.
  • DrumDance Party is a great addition to make any corporate or social event dynamic. 3-5 interactive DrumDance songs interspersed throughout the event to get the party started and keep the action going.
  • DrumDance Rockout Workout is a 40 minute dance workout with drumsticks. It’s dynamic and powerful and fills the space with a contagious energy and rock star spirit.
  • Bucket-Beats is a 40 minute dance workout with drumsticks and the addition of buckets for drums.


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