Corporate Highway to Well

I offer workshops, presentations, workouts and programs in all aspects of fitness and wellness. All of my services can be customized to meet the needs of participants.

Corporate Offerings

Stretch and Flex: The stretch and flex program is a comprehensive program for all staff and can be implemented into the everyday workplace. The program includes an educational session, presentations, training and literature. Stretch and Flex

Mindful Practices: Productivity comes from a clear mind, a healthy body and a purpose. A mindful practice creates the space for just that! Bring Mindful Meditation or Yoga to your team and the results will come into focus. Mindful Practices

FUNctional Fitness: Functional fitness classes are a great way to offer safe and effective fitness in the workplace with minimal equipment. The program is FUNctional and perfect for all levels fitness. Functional Fitness

Educate to Motivate: Educate to Motivate is a series of sessions on how to live longer and better. Sessions include building fitness into your busy schedule, eating healthy on the run, and balancing life, work and play. Educate to Motivate

Make it easy for your valued employees to stay fit and healthy by bringing fitness to the workplace.

Bring Fitness to your Conference

Imagine starting your business conference or staff day with an energetic fitness demonstration that gets people up on their feet – moving, clapping and having a great time. Add an early bird workout and or keynote address to your lunch or even a fun interactive fit break to re-energize.

The fitness and wellness component can be the focus of the day, the weekend or blended into a business conference.

For corporate keynotes and entertainment bookings please contact me at


“Tracy is a consummate professional and her ability to present and communicate key messages is exceptional. She is a compelling speaker, with an enviable spark that will motivate and enthuse any attendee. Her call to action is clear persuasive and encouraging at the same time”

Marie T. Mullally, FCA

President & CEO Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation.


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