* Does your event need energy, passion and humour?
* Would you like to offer something unique to your conference day?
* Are you interested in the health and wellness of your employees?

Add energy, passion and humour with an interactive presentation that is customized to meet your needs and interests.  You can be guaranteed that you will laugh, be engaged and entertained.

Looking for something unique to add to your line-up.  Check out DrumDance!  I also offer many interactive fitness entertainment sessions that will get your group up and moving.

If health and wellness is what you’re seeking, choose a presentation where you and your group will come away with information to help you be more fit, less stressed and more mindful.

As Master of Ceremony I will bring energy and fun to your event.

“Tracy, you are one of the fortunate ones who has found your true path…you are doing exactly what you were put on this earth to do…you inspire, lead, coach, energize, invigorate, and humour us…at least that is how those of us on the receiving end of your experience feel.”  

Teacher-Retreat Attendee

For a list of presentations and bookings please contact me at

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